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  • Anesthesia Group and Department Management
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  • Financial, Productivity, Quality, and Compliance Monthly Reporting.

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Meet the Elevation Anesthesia Partners Team of Professionals

Randy Garner

Randy Garner

Randy has been a pioneer in the development of medical practice networks, physician organizations, and specialty MSOs for over 38 years. In particular, he has more than 30 years of experience in managing, developing, realigning, and consulting with anesthesia practices and departments nationally. He’s a leader in the business of healthcare and can create consensus and strategic physician/hospital partnerships which benefit healthcare organizations across the nation. He co-authored the chapter "Anesthesia Group Management and Strategies" in the The Handbook of Healthcare Delivery Systems. He also co-authored an article in Advanced Hospital Management magazine, an international healthcare publication, as well as contributing to articles that have appeared in Modern Healthcare and Modern Physician magazines. He is a member of the American Hospital Association and the Medical Group Management Association.

Victoria Schmelzer

Victoria Schmelzer is a dedicated Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with over 22 years of experience in leadership and administration, as well as clinically providing safe, high quality anesthesia care to all ASA patients. She has experience as a Regional Chief CRNA, Chief CRNA, and Surgical Services Director. Experienced in setting up new anesthesia practices in Critical Access Hospitals and Regional Medical Centers. She establishes long-standing trusting relationships with the hospital C-Suite as well with the anesthesia providers, surgeons, and OR team. Participates in the management of and sometimes leads the anesthesia team which includes staff development and training, scheduling, and performance reviews. Participates and Chair’s hospital committees. Leads recruitment and retention of anesthesia staff as well as surgeons and other providers to increase revenue generating services for the hospital. Benchmarks provider performance and maintains regulatory compliance for CMS and Joint Commission. Oversees department quality and patient satisfaction. Is active in medical missions and speaks nationally.

Steven Castle

With 30-years of health care experience, Steven has served in clinical, academic, vendor, and administration to include C-level and surgical services. With a diverse background, he has worked in freestanding, community, academic, network, and military environments. He is skilled at developing viable and quality services that are sustainable over time. To make successful and lasting services, Steven’s focus is on building strong partnerships with clinicians and facilities. He has authored a dozen peer review articles, holds a US Patent, received National Science Foundation STAR grant, TED Talk speaker, recipient of Virginia Healthcare Innovators Award and is a decorated veteran to include a humanitarian award.

Why Choose Elevation Anesthesia Partners?

Elevation Anesthesia Partners, LLC (Elevation Anesthesia) is a professional business and provider lead anesthesia department management company. We are intentional in forming a synergistic alliance with our host hospitals providing strong business and clinical leadership with transparency and integrity.

We commit to our fiduciary obligation to our clients, providers, and our own company. We are intentional in improving the culture and anesthesia service utilizing innovation and creativity with a dedication to quality. We answer only to your hospital leadership, your medical staff, your patients, and our providers and not to over-the-horizon investors.

Our Expertise

How we elevate your services above the competition.
“ACT” with Integrity


You will notice how we hold ourselves accountable to your leadership team, surgeons, patients, and our anesthesia team of providers. We believe in frequent communications and regular onsite visits.


Your success is important to us. We commit to be collaborative partners in assisting you reach your goals. That may mean growing your current services, developing new services, and/or expanding your reach into your service area.


Your experience with our transparency begins with our proposal and continues during our relationship. We accomplish this through open dialogue, onsite visits, and detailed monthly reporting that’s beneficial and meaningful to you.


“After experiencing several anesthesia groups that seemed more self-interested, Randy Garner and his team were truly a pleasure to partner with."

“Having personally worked under Victoria’s leadership, I can attest to her exemplary leadership and mentoring capabilities."

“Victoria Schmelzer exemplifies the definition of a true leader. She is a person who possesses the personality and skills that others want to follow. Working for Vic feels like working with family.”

"It is my pleasure to HIGHLY RECOMMEND Victoria Schmelzer, CRNA. As her colleague she demonstrated the utmost dedication to patient care and team leadership as Regional Chief CRNA in a very difficult working environment."

"It has been a privilege to work with Randy and experience his ability to establish a sound relationship with clinicians as well as hospital administrators."


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