“After experiencing several anesthesia groups that seemed more self-interested, Randy Garner and his team were truly a pleasure to partner with.  As a hospital COO experiencing increasing demand of an already high volume service, I needed a true partner to deliver operation know how to meet growth, drive stability, while assuring both efficiency and quality. From negotiating the contract, ramping up services, and day to day management, the relationship felt like a true vested partnership.  Rather than working as a 3rd party, Randy and his experienced staff became members of our team; always proactively communicating, they act quickly to address questions while improving our work flows. Their dashboard tools created an unparalleled level of transparency I had not seen. From day 1, we worked in concert with common goal to carefully recruited talented professionals. Because of their culture, we have a successful partnership.”

S.C., COO of a regional medical center on the east coast

“Having personally worked under Victoria’s leadership, I can attest to her exemplary leadership and mentoring capabilities. She leads by example! It is no easy feat to coordinate departmental work schedules, institute interdepartmental policies, and initiate hospital-wide change, Victoria manages to accomplish these things through dedication, hard work, and integrity. She has, by far, been the best chief CRNA that I have ever worked with” 

J. H., CRNA  at a regional medical center on the east coast

“Victoria Schmelzer exemplifies the definition of a true leader. She is a person who possesses the personality and skills that others want to follow.  Working for Vic feels like working with family.”

S. L., CRNA at a regional medical center in the southeast

It is my pleasure to HIGHLY RECOMMEND Victoria Schmelzer, CRNA. As her colleague she demonstrated the utmost dedication to patient care and team leadership as Regional Chief CRNA in a very difficult working environment. She has a proven past of being a medical leader having served as Chief CRNA positions across the United States after receiving her training at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. She is highly motivated and intelligent as evidenced by her ability to independently handle everything from complex cases such as open hearts to administrative tasks. Alongside having strong clinical competency, she demonstrates an empowering sense of professionalism and compassion for her patients and teammates. She often showed strong dedication to her work, spending long hours in the hospital until her work was completed.

C. A., M.D., Fellowship Trained Anesthesiologist

It has been a privilege to work with Randy and experience his ability to establish a sound relationship with clinicians as well as hospital administrators.  He can best be thought of by understanding the six pillars of character; trustworthy, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

The realignment of challenging anesthesia services requires the ability to build a trusting relationship based on honesty and transparent communication with administrators as well as clinicians (CRNAs, nursing staff, surgeons) and being present and accountable to them. Clinicians will find him fair, attentive, and quickly understand that he knows what is involved in caring for patients. Administrators also will see these same qualities in addition to his depth of knowledge regarding the ‘business of medicine’. This may sound simple but the relationship he nurtures with CRNAs, surgeons, nursing administration, and executive administration is invaluable in establishing the foundation for success.

M.A., MD, former Chief of Anesthesia, at a regional medical center in the southeast